ETC/ACM Report 8/2016: Benchmark of the EEA Database on Climate Mitigation Policies and Measures

The Paris Agreement sets a global and ambitious objective to keep global temperature rise this century well below 2 degrees Celsius. This will require effective policies and measures by countries to curb emission levels away from business as usual.

In the Monitoring Mechanism Regulation the EU asks countries to report on their national mitigation policies and measures on a biennial basis (with the possibility to report important changes annually voluntary).

This information is important as it increases transparency on the actions taken by Member States to achieve EU and international emission reduction objectives, but could also be used as a basis to evaluate effectiveness, efficiency, relevance and coherence of the policies and measures. Information reported by countries on policies and measures is made available to the public via the EEA PaM dataviewer. Additionally there are multiple other databases and information sources that aggregate climate mitigation, renewable energy and/or energy efficiency policies and measures.

These information sources however differ from one another in a number of respects. This study establishes a benchmark of existing sources of information on climate related policies and measures and assesses in particular the performance of the EEA PaM database and data viewer in supporting policy evaluation. Read more here...